The Face of God

The face of God is a mystery to many, yet the mystery isn't much of a mystery, for the illusive face of God exists within the hearts and minds of people. The face of God is impressed on the surface of the souls. Therefore, it cannot be fathomed by the imagination because it differs from... Continue Reading →

We Are One

We are One We may not see through the same eyes, hear through the same ears, or think the same thoughts, leading us to believe we are contained shells which are independent from each other, but as long as we have love and compassion for each other, an indifference can become a similarity, so as... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Dream?

"Why is grandma still sleeping?" A young boy asked his father as he leaned in and kissed her on her cold forehead. "Because, my son, she's..." "Dreaming," the boy interrupted. "Yes," the father said to his son. "Grandma is dreaming. You see son. We are born for the sole purpose of learning how to dream.... Continue Reading →


Trauma Personal Philosophy I cannot accept the notion that men are be born inherently evil. I rather believe that the soul is eternally scared because of a trauma it once experienced, maybe a trauma inflicted upon it in a past long forgotten, and, therefore, the soul is still fighting against an evil that once oppressed... Continue Reading →

The Power of Language

The Power of Language When I was asked to choose a college major, I chose to major in English. Of course, the major comes with a stigma, a lot of people will say I took an easy route. And sure, I took American literature, English literature, world literature, and creative writing in conjunction with anthropology,... Continue Reading →

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