Science of the Brain – A Thought on Mind Reading

The brain is designed to think, record, and playback information through dreams and memories. It is evolution's most unique creation, and perhaps its most complex invention. People often fantasize about is telepathy, mind reading, and so on. They often ask, Is it possible to read minds or move object with it? Can┬áthe human mind connect... Continue Reading →


Why Do We Dream?

"Why is grandma still sleeping?" A young boy asked his father as he leaned in to kissed the cold forehead of grandmother. "Because, my son, she's ..." "Dreaming," the boy interrupted. "Yes," the father said to his son. "Grandma is dreaming. You see son, we are born to learn how to dream. The dream world... Continue Reading →


When a man and a woman come together as one body, the soul relishes the experiences much as the flesh, because a man and woman do not come together to satisfy the flesh alone, they come together to satisfy the soul, for the soul learns to trust and love through the knowledge gained from the... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Man

In all honesty, I cannot hate a man. I cannot hate the man who hates me because of my race, language, culture, or ideologies. I cannot even hate myself. All men are created equal, but in that all equality all men are blind, like I am blind. Why are we blind you say? We are... Continue Reading →

Why Does Death Exist?

Why does death exist? The nature of death is troublesome to contemplate, because you cannot ask, why does death exist, without asking, why does life exist?┬áLife and death are antonyms to each other, yet it is my belief that they do not complement each other, especially if death reaps more than it rewards. In life,... Continue Reading →

The Face of God

The face of God is a mystery to many, yet the mystery isn't much of a mystery, for the illusive face of God exists within the hearts and minds of people. The face of God is impressed on the surface of the souls. Therefore, it cannot be fathomed by the imagination because it differs from... Continue Reading →


Trauma Personal Philosophy I cannot accept the notion that men are be born inherently evil. I rather believe that the soul is eternally scared because of a trauma it once experienced, maybe a trauma inflicted upon it in a past long forgotten, and, therefore, the soul is still fighting against an evil that once oppressed... Continue Reading →

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