Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 8

Hallway Read the previous chapter, Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 7 The night was cold and dark. The light of the moon waver in its strength, almost as if the light fought against the darkness from being snuffed from existence, and there wasn’t enough fire to cast the darkness from the castle, or the lands... Continue Reading →


Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 7

Cain's Room (read the previous chapter) Tower of Nebrethe chapter 6 The night was unusually cold. Cain was a handsome young man of seventeen with long dark hair and no facial hair to pride himself with. He was a tall adolescent, yet light of weight for a boy his size. He was not particularly gifted... Continue Reading →

Tower of Nebrethe chapter 6

The Mother's Temple Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 5 Damusa rushed to the grand hall of the Holy Temple of the Mother to seek counsel from the anointed High Priestess of the Mother’s House, Bethsabeth.  Bethsabeth was a beautiful woman. She had a soft demeanor. She was a petite woman with a slender frame, long red hair, and hazel eyes that pierced deep through to... Continue Reading →

Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 5

A Shadow In The Night   Beginning, The Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 1 Previous chapter, Tower of Nebrethe – Cabin – Chapter 4   Later that night, a deep voice called out to Damusa as he slept. “Damusa! Damusa!" When he awoke, a shadow in the silhouette of man stood before him. The room was filled with... Continue Reading →

Tower of Nebrethe – Cabin – Chapter 4

Cabin The Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 1 The cabin sat alone in the heart of the Forest of Children. The space around it was suffocated by wild vegetation, and the tightly clustered trees kept light from touching the surface of the forest, creating a dark ambiance where the smallest light traveled a long distance.... Continue Reading →

Tower of Nebrethe – The Alleyway

  The Alleyway Chapter 3 Aldan was a friendly baker, and Urighillis knew him well. He sold Urighillis a small loaf of rye bread with a touch of honey for the four silver pieces he had at hand. “Good. It’s very good,” Urighillis said to himself as he savored the sweetness of the honey. He... Continue Reading →

Tower of Nebrethe – Misc

Severed Hand I have had a hard time writing this chapter because of this one scene, but today I somehow managed to write somethings down. I should be able to write the whole chapter now. "Nnnoooo! Please, mister!" Urighilis shrieked as he saw the baker decisively raise the cleaver at hand in the air. The... Continue Reading →

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