Song of Arayia – Temple of Sand

The Temple of Sand (Rewriting this chapter was a little tough, so the current chapter is temporary) In an age long forgotten, the Temple of Sand was once a lofty sanctuary. It proudly stood in the heart of the desert, serving as a safe haven between the northern and southern realms. The temple was a... Continue Reading →


Song of Arayia – Chapter 5

Raltor (I publish chapters as I write them. You're all reading the first draft before I re-edit the stories for publication. It's a little experiment of mine. I try to catch as many mistakes as I can when editing, but I never really catch them all. However, a few days I published a chapter, Tower... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Broken Valley – Chapter 2

The Broken Valley Chapter 2 Follow the link to read chapter 1, Song of Arayia – The Slumbering Mountain The confrontation between the Slumber Mountain and Siegfried fatally wounded the realm of Raylor. The Mountain's desperation had caused quakes strong enough to split the ground open, causing huge sections of the realms to collapse under themselves.... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – The Machine God

Arayia and The Machine God (This conversation is really far into the story. I was inspired to write it today, and I said I would post the chapters as I write them. It's mostly dialogue between Arayia and the Machine God, but it helps me visually the motivations behind the villain of the story.) Read... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Prologue

Prologue Anhalla was the god of beauty and narcissism. He loved himself more than he loved anyone else, and he blindly believed his beauty was unparalleled. Anhalla had curly hair that shined like the crown on the sun. He had soft facial features, almost woman-like, because he had narrow eyes and a short and narrow nose. The... Continue Reading →

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