Song of Arayia – Broken Valley – Chapter 2

The Broken Valley Chapter 2 Follow the link to read chapter 1, Song of Arayia – The Slumbering Mountain The confrontation between the Slumber Mountain and Siegfried fatally wounded the realm of Raylor. The Mountain's desperation had caused quakes strong enough to split the ground open, causing huge sections of the realms to collapse under themselves.... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – The Machine God

Arayia and The Machine God (This conversation is really far into the story. I was inspired to write it today, and I said I would post the chapters as I write them. It's mostly dialogue between Arayia and the Machine God, but it helps me visually the motivations behind the villain of the story.) Read... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Prologue

Prologue Anhalla was the god of beauty and narcissism. He loved himself more than he loved anyone else, and he blindly believed his beauty was unparalleled. Anhalla had curly hair that shined like the crown on the sun. He had soft facial features, almost woman-like, because he had narrow eyes and a short and narrow nose. The... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Except – Misc

The Forgotten Temple The northern temple was in utter ruins. Very few wall stood on their feet. "Come here, princess," Ut beckoned as he swept the sand off the temple floor with his paws to expose a red sun covered underneath the sand. "This was once my home. It was once a beautiful temple adorned with... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Raltor – Index

Raltor's Monologue "I reached the height of the sun, yet I did not have the strength necessary to grasp the bastard by the throat and suffocate him. He was able to grab me by the hands and move them away with great ease. He has incredible strength, far greater than I imagined. His strength is... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – The Labyrinth

Song Of Arayia – The Sand Temple (Previous Chapter) “Careful,” the dragon spoke as he stopped Alessia from advancing. He gently rested the tip of a gigantic claw on her left shoulder. "I think it is best if I take the lead from here," the dragon said. The dragon then chose a rock on the ground... Continue Reading →

Song Of Arayia – Sand Temple (Cont’d)

The Sand Temple (Cont'd) Part 2 Alessia walked over to Arayia, and she softly touched Arayia’s cheek. “You are still a beautiful young lady. I need you to keep your head held high,” she said sympathetically. “Tell me what happened to you?” “I was peacefully playing my harp when a cruel man, Anhalla, interrupted me.... Continue Reading →

Song Of Arayia – The Sand Temple

The Sand Temple (I've been struggling to write this chapter for some time. There's a lot of dialogue and information I just need to get to flow smoothly, but here's the first half of this chapter. I don't want any of the chapters to go beyond 2,000 words on here, so I decided to break... Continue Reading →

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