Egde of Hope

Living on the edge of hope. Willing to take a plunge from hope. We stand in the face of danger. Life gets complicated. There’s a second chance There’s a life. Beyond the edge of lost hope. When all the roads are closed And all the choices are gone. It’s easy to slip off the edge.... Continue Reading →


Man’s Enemy

A man’s worst enemy is not his mind. His worst enemy is often his heart, for the affairs of the heart are always fickle. The heart is rules by passions, desires, and yearns that are often drawn from irrational impulses, destructive ticks that often infect the hearts of other men And lead them to their... Continue Reading →

Sea of Unpredictability

There is a subtle beat in all of us, a melody at play, dancing to the flow and ebb of our emotions and thoughts. That beat is the heart sailing in a sea of unpredictability. The beat faces the anger, frustrations, sorrow, and stresses of the heart and dances to the rhythm of the heart's musical notes without... Continue Reading →


Heaven is not for righteous or pure of heart. It is for the wicked who serve their faith because of the simple promise of salvation and the simply threat of damnation. Those who truly experience empathy for other human beings are forever destined to a purgatory created from their own compassion. Purity is its own damnation.


The stars are lonely tonight, sitting on a cusp beyond our reach. They sit alone in the dark alone, abandoned, cursed to stare at us forever from on high. I can feel their grief and sense their isolation. I see their emptiness every night when I look up at the sky.   Have you noticed... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the Heart

The heart is cursed to suffer repeated wounds that never heal, wounds that break open every time the heart grieves in lamentation, but the lamentation is not the curse that breaks the wounds open, it is the cure that heals the wounds when the heart is broken.   Curse the perpetrator who repeatedly strikes at... Continue Reading →

Why do I write?

I write because words give me a voice that I would otherwise not have, otherwise not know I had, or otherwise not be able express on a daily basis. I write because my imagination is rampant, and if I ignore it, I would tired easily because the voice risen from my imagination would become another... Continue Reading →

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