Destiny 2

It's okay Destiny 2 (D2) had a lot of hype behind it. Bungie and Activsion know how to market their game, and much of their success is a result of their marketing, but is the game any good? That's the real question. I don't typically review video games, but considering I have been playing Destiny... Continue Reading →


Geoffrey Chaucer

I absolutely love Geoffrey Chaucer. I am currently reading The Canterbury Tales for a little inspiration, and I came across this passage: This prisoun caused me not for to crye, but I was hurt right now ynigh my yhe In mye herte, that wol my bane be, The fairness of the lady that I see Yonde... Continue Reading →


Have noticed how lonely the stars are? Sitting alone and staring down from heaven? Forever staring on down, forever alone. Reaching out for us in vain. Have you noticed how empty they are? How they cry for us when we abandon hope? How they mourn for us when we forsake them?   The stars are... Continue Reading →

Developing A New Language

Developing A New Language Throughout my life I have read countless stories that use two or more languages to give life to their universe. And it makes sense. If you are crafting a new world for a reader, you want it to feel genuine. This world we live in is full of different languages, customs,... Continue Reading →

Red Dust (15 Min Script) Part 1

Red Dust An Original Script by Roman R. Sanchez (This story was originally a short script I wrote for my screenwriting class). FADE IN: OVER BLACK SUPER: After the initial success of terra-forming Mars, humanity's curiosity was kindled. We conquered the galaxy much like we had conquered the expansions of the sea. We spread across... Continue Reading →

A Horror Story

The Watchers I remember looking to the stars as I grew up. I always asked myself if it was a place I would ever visit. I never thought I would. Until I did, but in a dream. I dreamt I was soaring through the solar system on a giant rock. The rock was almost like... Continue Reading →

Sea of Unpredictability

Sea of Unpredictability By Roman R. Sanchez There is a subtle beat in all of us, a melody at play, dancing to the flow and ebb of our emotions and thoughts. That beat is the heart sailing in a sea of unpredictability. The beat faces the anger, frustrations, sorrow, and stresses of the heart and dances to the rhythm... Continue Reading →

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