Legend of the Green Rose

A Creation Story Before the birth of the universe, there was an infinite nothingness that existed without any sense of purpose. There was no light; there was no darkness; only emptiness and an abyss of unfathomable naught where time and space had yet to be born. The only company the Nothingness had was an infinite... Continue Reading →


Legend of the Green Rose – Hanna

Hanna Chapter 3 Legend of the Green Rose – Chapter 2 (Mature Content) "Hanna," a soft whispered in the wind, awaking her immediately. "I am waiting for you in the gardens," the voice said as it faded into the wind. "Yes, master," she said as she removed Egroth's hand from her hips and she slowly... Continue Reading →

Legend of the Green Rose – Index

Etoch Etoch sat impatient upon his throne. His left knee frantically bounced he sat there and contemplated the fate of any old man who stood before him. He angrily leered at the man, occasionally raising an eyebrow every time a malicious thought came mind. "Please," the old man begged for his life as he dropped... Continue Reading →

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