Song of Arayia – Temple of Sand

The Temple of Sand In an age long forgotten, the Temple of Sand was once a lofty sanctuary. It proudly stood at the heart of the desert, serving as a safe haven between the northern and southern realms of Raylor. The temple was a colossal monument built to house the goddess of sand, Etta, and,... Continue Reading →


Song of Arayia – Throne room (Edited)

The Throne Room Click here, Song of Arayia – The Forbidden Desert (Edited), to return to the previous chapter. The Throne Room Raltor sat on his iron throne with an elbow resting against the armrest. He leaned forward, embracing the left side of his face with his hand as he impatiently tapped his left foot. He... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Broken Valley (Edited)

The Broken Valley Click here, Song of Arayia – The Slumbering Mountain (Edited), to return to the previous chapter Three night before the calamity, Alessia had been standing at balcony, onlooking at the empty sky above her as she prayed, Oh, heavenly mother of light, bing this kingdom peace and prosperity. Forgive my father’s transgression... Continue Reading →

That Thing Isn’t Me – First Email

From: To: Date: April 25, 2154 Time: 2:37 A.M. Do I fear death? Perhaps I do. I often ponder if my scientific intrigue in consciousness goes beyond science. If I were afraid of death, is there a shame? What person isn't afraid of death. Perhaps death is another stepping stone to a new... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Nakata – Character Biography

Nakata Age: Unknown Race: God Setting: Medieval fantasy/Post Apocalyptic/Science Fiction/Fantasy Characteristics: Nakata is a being of light, neither male or female. Biography: The Homeward Stones are small pebbles which vary in size and color. It is believed that by placing a homeward stone in the hands of a deceased corpse, it helps the spirit navigate... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Theron – Character Biography

Theron Age: 42 Gender: Male Setting: Medieval fantasy/Post Apocalyptic/Science Fiction/Fantasy Strength: He is the king of Nineveth. He rules over most of the lands alongside the Holy King of the Great Church. Weaknesses: Alcohol and whores Biography: Theron was 21 when he became the king of Nineveth. His father had died from poisoning at the... Continue Reading →

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