Song of Arayia – Temple of Sand

The Temple of Sand (Rewriting this chapter was a little tough, so the current chapter is temporary) In an age long forgotten, the Temple of Sand was once a lofty sanctuary. It proudly stood in the heart of the desert, serving as a safe haven between the northern and southern realms. The temple was a... Continue Reading →


Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 8

Hallway Read the previous chapter, Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 7 The night was cold and dark. The light of the moon waver in its strength, almost as if the light fought against the darkness from being snuffed from existence, and there wasn’t enough fire to cast the darkness from the castle, or the lands... Continue Reading →

Blade Runner 2049 – Fantastic Movie

This movie is fantastic. Why did it flop domestically? Brief Introduction Blade Runner 2049 (2017) is an R-rated sequel  to Blade Runner (1982). The Blade Runner movies are based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It (2049) is directed by Denis Villeneuve and produced by Alcon Entertainment and Sony Pictures and has Roger... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Chapter 5

Raltor (I publish chapters as I write them. You're all reading the first draft before I re-edit the stories for publication. It's a little experiment of mine. I try to catch as many mistakes as I can when editing, but I never really catch them all. However, a few days I published a chapter, Tower... Continue Reading →


When a man and a woman come together as one body, the soul relishes the experiences much as the flesh, because a man and woman do not come together to satisfy the flesh alone, they come together to satisfy the soul, for the soul learns to trust and love through the knowledge gained from the... Continue Reading →

Tower of Nebrethe – Chapter 7

Cain's Room (read the previous chapter) Tower of Nebrethe chapter 6 The night was unusually cold. Cain was a handsome young man of seventeen with long dark hair and no facial hair to pride himself with. He was a tall adolescent, yet light of weight for a boy his size. He was not particularly gifted... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Man

In all honesty, I cannot hate a man. I cannot hate the man who hates me because of my race, language, culture, or ideologies. I cannot even hate myself. All men are created equal, but in that all equality all men are blind, like I am blind. Why are we blind you say? We are... Continue Reading →

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