Song of Arayia – The Slumbering Mountain (Edited)

The summit of the Slumbering Mountain was the highest region in the realm of Raylor, the closest step to the stars beyond the welkins. The peak was usually cold and windy, blanketed by snow, with a clear sky. An aura of lights complimented the night sky, and the heavenly bodies shined in the darkness. The... Continue Reading →


Sleep Paralysis – Journal Entry #1

February 4, 2018, Saturday, 5:23 a.m. I dreamt I was a dark room where only a light shine upon me. I heard eerie noises in the distances, and I kept a presence. I knew it was near, but I could not distinguish it in the darkness. Wake Up! Wake up! I yelled at myself repeatedly until... Continue Reading →

Song of Arayia – Muse and Orphelius

When they awoke the next morning, they were startled to see a strange machine floating amidst the clouds above the remnants of the Slumbering Mountain. The machine was round with a complex series of gears sharply whirring. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. The apparatus rotated like a clockwork. It also had a two cogwheels... Continue Reading →

Fate/Apocrypha Season 1 Review

Feito/Apokurifa Brief Introduction Fate/Apocrypha is a battle royal anime illustrated by Ototsugu Konoe. It is directed and written by Yoshiyuki Asai and Yūichirō Higashide, respectively. As of the writing of this review (2, 2, 2018), it is licensed by Netflix. Fate/Apocrypha expands on the Fate universe, but it is set in a parallel universe to the... Continue Reading →

Egde of Hope

Living on the edge of hope. Willing to take a plunge from hope. We stand in the face of danger. Life gets complicated. There’s a second chance There’s a life. Beyond the edge of lost hope. When all the roads are closed And all the choices are gone. It’s easy to slip off the edge.... Continue Reading →

Juni Taisen – Zodiac Wars Final Review

Final Impressions Brief introduction Juni Taisen is a battle royal style anime illustrated by ikaru Nakamura. It is directed and written by Naoto  Hosoda and Sadayuki Murai, respectively. It is based on a light novel by Nisio Isin. As of the writing of this review (11/11/017), it is airing on Crunchyroll. Juni Taisen focuses around... Continue Reading →

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