Science of the Brain – A Thought on Mind Reading

The brain is designed to think, record, and playback information through dreams and memories. It is evolution’s most unique creation, and perhaps its most complex invention.

People often fantasize about is telepathy, mind reading, and so on. They often ask, Is it possible to read minds or move object with it? Can the human mind connect to the physical world? These questions are often expressed in modern art. You see them asked in movies, cartoons, painting, and video games (yes, video games and movies are a form of art. They are the most interactive form of art).

My answer to these questions is, “yes, it is possible to use the mind to interact with the physical world.” However, I recognize my beliefs are more fantasy than reality. You see, I imagine our brain is a supercomputer. A neuron is the equivalent of a cpu, except the brain is a complex system of billions of interconnected microprocessors that allow it to store and share vast amounts of information. The synapses are the information highways through which information is filtered and shared with other CPU’s within the brain.

Most of the activity that happens within the brain is electrical. These electrical currents themselves to not necessarily understand what sensation is. Only our flesh understand the concept of sensation. The brains only reminds the body of the sensation when the flesh is engaged.

With that simply explanation, I will now explain my unorthodox and radical belief on why I think telepathy is possible.

First, I strongly believe thoughts do not originate in the brain. The activity in our brains begins in a space outside of it, in an area I have named the Dark Void, and this Void is home to invisible wavelengths (which we have not discovered yet). These wavelengths actually record our memories, but most importantly they are the building blocks for the formation of our thoughts. These signals take some type of wave from the Dark Void and materialize it into thoughts when they are absorbed by the brain.

Think of the iCloud, but just please don’t  think my thoughts are unoriginal. I have been pushing this idea since before the iCloud became a thing. I first posted my thoughts in 2011 on However, a few years ago I deleted the post and save it on a word document because no one was viewing it.

There are two reason I have this belief.

First, I view the brain is a multi-processing system. The brain uses electricity, much like a computer uses electricity through its circuits to transmit information. WIFI technology makes it possible to directly send information through these circuits without the information needing to be stored in the CPU’s memory. Neurons transmit their information through electricity, much like computers transmit their information.

The second reason I have this belief is more philosophical. I have previously written about this before on this page. I forgot the blog’s name. I believe that language and thought is only possible because there is a precedent in the universe that makes it possible for thought and language to exist. I have the belief we think and speak because the universe is thinking and speaking itself. I see order where scientists see chaos. I see  deliberateness where scientists sees randomness. Where people see a disconnection between the universe and man, I see an intimate connection between the two. We are an integral part of whatever the universe is trying achieve.

We are a product of something that already exists within the universe. We think because the universe thinks. We cannot do something that is not already coded into reality by the universe itself. Thought is not unique to us alone. Thus, thought and language must originate in a void we cannot see or reach. They exist in a wavelength we have yet to discover.

In a sense, I am saying the brain is an antenna, or that it can be made into one, and someday we will stumble upon the frequency deliberately or by accident. I am certain, however, that once we do stumble upon it, we will find that our memories are imprinted in this wave.

Telepathy and mind reading will then become possible. Networks may someday be an integral part of our daily lives in a more personalized experience. We might someday be able to send and receive thoughts to each other without effort. We might go mute, because the need for a mouth become obsolete. Maybe that is why some interpretation of aliens don’t have mouths.

I day dream a lot.



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