Egde of Hope

Living on the edge of hope.
Willing to take a plunge from hope.
We stand in the face of danger.
Life gets complicated.

There’s a second chance
There’s a life.
Beyond the edge of lost hope.

When all the roads are closed
And all the choices are gone.
It’s easy to slip off the edge.

To the east you can see the dawn.
It is the morning breath of life,
It calls you from the edge.
A Light to your road.

To the west you can see the dusk.
It is the breath of darkness.
Follow it off the edge,
It is death.

There’s hope, there’s light.
There’s light in this life of struggle.
The roads are not all closed.

Look to the dusk,
You cannot see the stars shine at the edge of hope.
They shine with light in the distance.
Far from home, far from what’s right,
At the edge of hope.

It’s okay, life gets complicated.
Life is a struggle.
There’s a second life.

Journey of life.
You sprang from the womb.
Unaware, uncertain of purpose,
But hopeful.

Now the stars have left.
They stare at you from the distance.
You reach for them,
But they cause you despair.

When you were born,
The stars promised hope.
Now they have left.

But there is life.
If you look away from the stars that drive you off the edge.
Ground your feet on earth, for
There is hope if you step from the edge of lost hope.

Life gets complicate when staring at the dusk.
Life gets complicated


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