Geoffrey Chaucer

I absolutely love Geoffrey Chaucer. I am currently reading The Canterbury Tales for a little inspiration, and I came across this passage:

This prisoun caused me not for to crye,
but I was hurt right now ynigh my yhe
In mye herte, that wol my bane be,
The fairness of the lady that I see
Yonde in the gardyn, rome to and fro,
is cause of my cryying and my wo.

I not whethur sche be womman or goddess…

(The Knight’s Tale, 236-243)

His stories are simple, but his words are beautifully strung together. If you haven’t read Chaucer, I recommend you read his work. I am reading the book in middle English, but there are plenty of translations you can read.


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  1. They’re simple at first glance, but there are a lot of layers to them. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the narrator from the frame narrator. It’s harder still to separate Chaucer from Chaucer. Where does allegory end and satire begin? It’s hard to tell.


    1. Hey Jake. Yes, Chaucer is amazing. He is the reason I like literature, and his work is riddled with meanings to find and discuss. I also enjoy how lighthearted his tales are. Unlike most stories, it is full of humor.

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