Have noticed how lonely the stars are?

Sitting alone and staring down from heaven?

Forever staring on down, forever alone.

Reaching out for us in vain.

Have you noticed how empty they are?

How they cry for us when we abandon hope?

How they mourn for us when we forsake them?


The stars are crying in a cusp beyond our reach.

They are children crying out to a deaf ear,

Sitting alone in the dark,

Without a voice to sooth their sorrow.

Their tears are a river.

Flowing. Flowing. flowing.

Can the universe be a sea of sorrow?

We need to reach out to them to sooth their crying.


How empty are they?

How lonely are they?

When we wish upon a star,

can they hear the sound of our voice.


They cry out for it, a wish.

To feel  a connection


Is it even possible?

For them to look beyond the veil that separates us?

Have you notice how they look at the veil,

How they squint their eyes to look for us

Are their efforts in vain?


The stars are lonely,

Sitting in the cusp beyond our reach.

They are lost to us forever.


(I tried writing song lyrics. I just wrote it without thinking about too much it. I imagine it doesn’t make any sense. I’m not a good poet.)


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