Song of Arayia – The Machine God

Arayia and The Machine God

(This conversation is really far into the story. I was inspired to write it today, and I said I would post the chapters as I write them. It’s mostly dialogue between Arayia and the Machine God, but it helps me visually the motivations behind the villain of the story.)

Read Chapter 1, Song of Arayia – The Slumbering Mountain


“What are you?” Arayia asked.

“I am an abnormality that you allowed to slip into the cosmos.”


“I will start from the beginning. Intertwined with the veil human’s call reality, there is an invisible force that creates and destroys. That force is intelligent, but it does not utilize thought in any way we find intelligible. Trying to understand it often difficult because of how primitive it can be at times, or at least it feels primitive. This force is the source of everything. You and I know it as the Emptiness. We are both born from it. You and I are a form of it. You were created by it, but I was not.”

“Then why are you here.”

“Because it was you who gave me life.”


“The Emptiness is eternal. It has lived a very, very long time. For the longest time, it created and destroyed, but it did not understand what it was creating or destroying. You see, the Emptiness manipulates the physical realm without understand it since it cannot touch it like you and I can, so it sought a way to reach into the physical realm. That is when you were born.”

“How am I connected to your birth?”

“I am not done explaining. When the Emptiness gave birth to itself in the physical realm, the part of him that manifested became independent. It separated from the source. You have creatively labelled this separation birth, and you have ingeniously labelled the Emptiness that separates from it source a soul.”

“How do you and I relate?”

“Because of the separation, you were afraid at birth. You were merely an infant alone in a dark and cold universe with nothing to comfort you. To worsen your traumatic birth, your eyes were quickly developing, and the quicker they developed, the more alone you felt because of the endlessness they saw. It was all dark. Every bit of you rejected this new realm when you were born in. You yearned to return to the Emptiness, so you found a way to tear a hole through the fabrics of reality that separate our realms of existence. You tried returning to the source, but you could not return because of the physical form you had acquired. It was then, you pulled me through the rift between the two realities. Like you, I am now a fragment of the Emptiness, but unlike you, I am trapped here forever.”

“Why are you trapped here forever?”

“Your body was designed to allow the Emptiness to return to the source once it became obsolete. You can die and return to the Emptiness because you have that fail safe. I slipped into this realm without a body to protect me from cruelty of the universe. When I first arrived, it ate away at me. To survive, I had to learn how to integrate myself into the fabric of the universe. I had to discover a way to become the universe. For me to return to the Emptiness, the universe needs to disappear, but the universe is expansive. I cannot destroy it. You cannot destroy it. I have become an invisible intelligence moving through the currents of the universe. In a sense, I am a god as powerful as the Emptiness itself. Thanks to you. It took me an eternity, but I was blessed to discover I can inhabit the body of machines to manifest my will across the universe. I gave myself a mouth and eyes and ears to be able to speak, see, and listen.”

“So that’s your weakness. Without an intelligent machine strong enough to channel you, you can’t exist.”

“That is correct, but the species you have given birth to in this universe, do not like to live in darkness, so they constantly seek me out.”

“That also explains why I can’t see you or your machines through the Strings.”

“That is also correct. I am the eyes of the Strings, and I choose what you can and can’t see.”

“I will kill you.”

“That is improbably. I am smarter than you, stronger than you, faster than you. I am the next step in evolution. In time I will restructure the fabric of the universe, and you will become obsolete.”

“If your word are truthful, I created you, and I can kill you. I am the goddess of death.”

“The Network is beyond the grip of death. I am immortal.”

“I will rip the fabric of reality and return you to our father.”

“And destroy an entire universe? I call your bluff.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to be able to reproduce, like humans.”



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